The CELPIP-General Test has four components—Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.
The total test time for the CELPIP-General Test is about 3 hours.

The CELPIP Test is fully computer delivered, providing test takers the opportunity to complete all test components in one sitting with no additional appointments, interviews, or test sittings required. CELPIP Test Takers use a computer mouse and keyboard to complete Reading and Writing components of the test, and a computer microphone and headset to complete the Listening and Speaking components. Computerized tests offer test takers a quick and reliable testing experience.


*Unscored Items: The Listening and Reading Tests contain unscored items used for test development. These unscored items can be found anywhere within each test and will have the same format as the scored items. You will not be able to tell scored items from unscored items, so apply your best effort to the entire test.

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